Checkers Worker Caught On Video Wiping Bun On Floor Before Serving It To Customer

News 8 – Do you need another disgusting reason to stop eating fast food? We have one for you, but this time it comes with video proof! A video of a Checkers employee wiping a bun across the kitchen floor before using it to make a sandwich has gone viral, drawing ire and disgust from fast food diners.

The video, allegedly filmed at a Baltimore area Checkers restaurant location last month, was posted online Tuesday. By Thursday morning, it racked up more than 500,000 views on Facebook. In the video, an unidentified employee drops the bun on the floor and rubs it on to the tile. Then, she takes it back up and smears it with sauce and pickles.

Checkers insisted the tainted burger was never served to a customer and claimed the employees made the video as a joke. Still, the workers involved in the clip are no longer employed at the suburban Baltimore burger joint, the chain said in a statement on Wednesday. “I, like you, are appalled and disappointed by what I saw in the video,” said Lori Malcolm, Checkers’ senior vice president for human resources. “We spoke to the employee in the video and her mother, and the employee is very sorry and embarrassed about what happened.”

When interviewed, several checkers customers insisted they will never eat at the restaurant chain again. “It was never given to a customer?” Asked Lisa Robinson, a prior Checkers customer who says she will never eat there again. “I’m sure they said that just to keep themselves out of trouble. This has really opened my eyes to what really is happening in the restaurants around this country! No more fast food for me and my family!”

Checkers said it is continuing to investigate the incident.