Mega-Church Preacher Joel Osteen Plans “Pray the COVID Away” Easter Service

Mega-Church Preacher Joel Osteen is scheduled to hold an Easter Sunday vigil in his Lakewood Church Building on April 12th 2020 despite the Covid-19 pandemic warnings.

The “Pray the COVID Away” service will be held in his 16,800 occupancy arena and is expected to fill the place to capacity. They plan to hold 2 additional rebroadcasted services for the remaining members. Lakewood Church averages about 52,000 attendees per week

Osteen stated he will be preaching from his home with his wife Victoria and it will be televised in the stadium. Critics are stating that he should attend if he expects everyone else to attend.

“What’s he afraid of? Why isn’t he coming to the Easter vigil as well?” stated Houston native Mark Trenor. “I live just a mile from the church and I see the type of following he has. If he is going to ask everyone to risk their lives attending then he should be there too!”

The state of Texas just announced a stay-at-home order which excluded places of worship.