Scientists Claim COVID-19 Mutating, Causing Psychosis in Sick

Scientists are busy preparing for a mass spread of COVID-19. Apparently, things will get worse before they get better.

COVID-19 lasts longer than a common acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI), two to three weeks, and sometimes leads to overwhelming pneumonia – it is only then that medical intervention, hospitalization, artificial ventilation, and the other things you are afraid of, become necessary. Here the rule is simple: if you start experiencing shortness of breath, urgently see a doctor. There are no effective drugs or strategies that can reduce the risk of shortness of breath with COVID-19.

Sunday evening a man who tested positive for COVID-19 attacked a woman in Miami, Florida just outside a 7-11 on the 1200 block of Brickell Bay Dr, According to witnesses the man punched the woman in the head them proceeded to “eat” her arm once she was knocked to the ground.

Tom Missager saw the incident and stepped in to save the woman. “She was walking with her friends when the man attacked her,” said Missager. “At first I thought it was because she was Asian, but it quickly turned obvious that he randomly targeted her to eat her. He literally bit into her arm and tore out a chunk of her flesh. Me and my friends held him down until the cops get here. Now I’m worried I’ll have the virus.”

The man was taken to the University of Miami Hospital where he tested positive for the virus. But doctors said it’s not what they are used to seeing.

“The strain has mutated into something much different than we’ve been seeing over the last month,” said Dr. William Shultz of University of Miami Hospital. “

Shultz says this different strain was likely caused through a mutation of the ancestral version of the virus. And that could mean more are coming. They urged the scientific community to come together to battle and contain the outbreak.

The man, who has not yet been identified, is being held for observation at the Miami Hospital while they quickly try to understand what this mutation means for the rest of the country.