Bizarre: The REAL Donald Trump Exposed – The Truth About His Biological Parents

Fox News –  A bizarre ancestral report just released by a Trump family insider, exposing the Donald’s real identity. Fox News reporter John Wheeler gives us the inside report:

One night in 1954, in a drunken stupor, Fred Trump drove his new Buick Road Master over his six-year-old son Donald, killing the boy. In an effort to avoid embarrassment ( and legal consequences ) a search was made to find a replacement for the dead child. A suitable look-alike was located at an orphanage in Kansas. The boy, born in Munich, Germany, was brought to New York, assumed the name Donald Trump and was raised by the Trump clan as one of their own. At the age of 14, through a bizarre set of circumstances, “Donald” learned that his real mother had been a psychotic drug addict who was executed for killing, and cannibalizing his real father.

Trump, who is now accused of being a German citizen, has much trouble ahead of him in the polls. We’ll have to wait and see whether he is forced to drop out of the race due to his foreign status.

Political leaders have called for his certified German birth certificate. For now, Trump is denying all allegations.