Ku Klux Klan

KKK Protests To “Make America Straight Again”

Wilmington, NC – Protests got heated on Monday when the Ku Klux Klan marched to “Make America Straight Again.” The faction of the KKK called the “Loyal White Knights” banned together with their white brotherhood…


Facebook Targets Christian Websites as Fake News

Facebook has been besieged with demands that it fix its “fake news” problem, which became politically charged during the election season and was especially effective at propagating false right-wing news, according to BuzzFeed analysis. Mark…

Architectural Changes to White House

Donald Trumps Submits Architectural Changes to White House

Donald Trump is receiving backlash from not only Democrats, but his Republican comrades as well with his plans to renovate the White House. Wednesday morning, President-elect Donald Trump submitted architectural designs to White House staff….