Costco Announces They Will Start Charging For Their ‘Free’ Samples

If you are a Costco “Grazer” you won’t be happy with the announcement the bulk store giant made on Monday. According to spokesperson Marty Francis, Costco will begin charging a small fee for their samples they provide to customers while they shop.

“Due to an increase in costs associated with slower sales and an increase in food recalls, Costco must find other avenues for revenue,” said Francis. “In addition to that, we have seen an increase in shoppers going back for 3rd’s, 4th’s and 5th’s – literally filling up on free samples. That’s not what they are here for, this is not a buffet.”

Francis says this should help to discourage grazers from “filling up” on free food at their store. It will also prevent people with expired memberships, who have still hung on to their membership cards, from entering the store just to eat. The cost per sample is estimated to be somewhere between $.50 – $.75 and will begin the end of August, 2016. “We are also considering an additional membership that will allow you unlimited samples throughout the year. This will cost an additional $58 per member.”

Costco customers say they are not happy with many of them threatening to cancel their memberships and sign up with Sam’s Club.