Facebook SOLD To U.S. Government For $10 Billion – Privacy Concerns On The Rise

NEWS 8 –  Secret, closed door negotiations have finally been made public after an agreement was reached by the US Government to purchase the social media giant for $10 billion. According to today’s press release, negotiations began in December 2019 when Zuckerberg decided to step down from his podium, cash out and focus on being a family man. But what does that mean for you, and the other 1.06 billion Facebook users, and the privacy concerns that may surround you with Facebook’s new owner – the United States Government.

There is no doubt that Facebook has been a runaway success – but for who? It has been long suspected that Facebook has been feeding information to the NSA, CIA and other government entities and that they excessively use this site to monitor the online activity of Facebook users. The US government has already been caught taking dodgy steps with individual privacy. Consider that the NSA has been repeatedly criticized for massing loads of data from cell phone companies without the knowledge or consent from cell phone users. With this in mind, it doesn’t seem unreasonable that a government agency might want access to your Facebook data.

There’s no denying the information gained by Facebook from its users is valuable to a degree and there is no question that the US government has been caught gathering private information without people’s consent. Does this mean the government now has an even larger agenda ahead of them? The government has made increasingly frequent demands for information from ISPs (Internet service providers), telecom companies and other social media sites. But the information generated by Facebook users has been the government’s primary resource on the American people. Insiders with confidential knowledge say that Zuckerberg is tired of the increasing demands from government entities. Finally, it has pushed him over the edge to sell. However, $10 billion is not a bad payday! But will you keep your Facebook account? Are you concerned about the privacy issues?