New Burger King Ban: “It Does’t Make Sense To Order A 2000 Calorie Meal, Then Ask For A “Diet” Coke

Burger King Will No Longer Allow The Sale Of Diet Sodas With Double Whopper Meal And Other Combos. Burger King customers are being caught off guard when trying to order diet sodas with any purchase of a combo meal. Representatives say they are trying to urge customers to cut down on their calorie intake altogether. According to the restaurant chain, “it just does not make sense to order a 2000 cal meal, then ask for a “diet” Coke.”

“We’ve put up with this for too long,” explains veteran store manager Hector Reyes, from St. Louis, Missouri. “If I hear one more person ordering a 2000 calorie meal, then ask for a Diet Coke because they are trying to watch their weight, I’m going to explode.” Burger King restaurants have begun to display signs that state, “This restaurant can deny any item you order at the discretion of management. No questions asked.”

Customers, like Chuck Reynolds say they have a right to order whatever they want, without management getting into their personal business of health. “I laughed,” Reynolds told Now8News. “It had to be some sort of joke. I didn’t really understand the humor but I laughed to make it seem like I did. I guess am going to have to go somewhere else to eat.” Reynolds said he decided to switch over to Carl’s Jr., where he can get a Six Dollar Burger with triple patties, three slices of cheese and however many slices of bacon he wants. He will continue to order diet Cokes with any meal he eats.

“It’s my way of cutting back on calories,” Reynolds adds. “That Diet Coke really helps keep off the weight when I eat my triple burger with fries. I don’t care what anybody says.”

We have reached out to Burger King for comment. However, they have yet to respond.