New ‘Youtube And Chill” Causing Increase In STD’s And Pregnancy In Girls Ages 10 – 12

News 8 –  A new report from the US Department of Health and Human Services is showing an alarming increase in pre-teen pregnancy and sexual diseases. Organizations such as Crisis Pregnancy Center and Planned Parenthood are seeing more and more girls between the ages of 10 – 12 coming through their front doors with sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies.

 “We are seeing that about 80% of each counseling session has one thing in common,” said Brenda Kranz from Mesa, Arizona Planned Parenthood. “These preteens are stating that “YouTube and Chill” sessions in parks, bathrooms, and homes where there is no adult present, is the leading cause of irresponsible sexual activity.”

“YouTube and Chill” sessions are the less expensive pre-teen choice version of the more popular “Netflix and Chill” sessions that have been going viral on the Internet. “For those who cannot afford Netflix, lower income families or people without Internet access, there is YouTube available on every child’s cell phone,” Kranz explained. “If your child has access to a cell phone, you should be concerned.”

These sessions begin when a boy invites a girl over to their home, Park, public bathroom, anywhere that they can get away with having sex. They watch a movie or YouTube video and it always, always leads to sexual activity. Counselors who work with at risk young girls say that it is important to stay involved with your children, and always know where they are at. If your child does have a cell phone, they suggest a GPS locator so you can always check their whereabouts.