Teen Rescued After Being Kidnapped By Step-Mom And Held Hostage By Violent Dwarfs

NEWS 8 –  A 17-year-old girl is now recovering after being rescued from a bizarre hostage situation that went on for nearly one year. Tina White was under the care of her stepmother, Linda White when she was allegedly poisoned and kidnapped, sent to be held hostage by seven accomplices hired by her father’s new wife. It all began when Linda met Tina’s father, Harry White, and fell madly in love, marrying him in just three weeks. However, according to family members, Linda’s love for Harry turned into extreme jealousy over his relationship with his daughter. That’s when Linda took matters into her own hands to get Tina out of the way.

During one of Harry’s business trips, Linda poisoned Tina’s dinner with a sedative and carried her off to a warehouse where she would be held by seven accomplices to aid in her torture and attempted murder. According to the police report, Tina was held hostage by “little people” in a bizarre plot to have Tina killed. The midgets were part of an organization of hoodlums that have been committing extreme crimes for money over the last decade. Known as the “Little Mayhem Gang” they have been ravaging cities across the United States, but yet to be charged for their crimes until now.

Tina was held in a Salem, Massachusetts warehouse for approximately 10 months, drugged on sedatives, raped and tortured. That was, until a homeless man stumbled across an unlocked door looking for shelter. What he found was Linda strapped to a table surrounded by her captors who were sleeping; seemingly passed out from a night of drinking and drugs. The man freed Linda, carried her out of the building, and called police. He knew this was the young girl police had been searching for who had been missing since 2015.


Linda White was arrested for attempted murder and is being held in a Massachusetts jail with no bond. Her accomplices have been charged also with attempted murder, as well as drug and gun charges. Tina was transported to a local hospital where she was treated and released one week later.