The Deadliest Black-Friday in U.S. History Kills 4,312 Shoppers, Youngest Victim 4 Years Old

News 8 –  Bombs, gunfire, stabbings, fights and some really great deals at Walmart left over 4000 shoppers dead on this Black Friday deal day. According to several reports across the United States this 2015 Black Friday is the deadliest shopping day ever on record. The youngest victim reportedly was just four years old.

The states with the largest number of homicides was in Alabama where nearly 2100 people were killed. Most of them succumbed to injuries of stabbings from people who decided that robbing shoppers for sale merchandise was much easier than waiting in line for two days. The greatest deals were at Walmart for the people who had waited in line since Tuesday evening, receiving a 42 inch LED Samsung TV for $24.98. The majority of these people were stabbed in the parking lots and robbed of their TVs while leaving Walmart. This happened in nearly 28 states across the US.

However, the most heartbreaking attack was caught on video when a woman stole a vegetable steamer from a little four-year-old boy during Walmart Black Friday madness. The mother grabbed the woman while letting go of the hand of her child. The poor little boy was trampled by Black Friday shoppers and pronounced dead on scene. The video below shows what happened just before he was killed.