Elderly Woman In Critical Condition After Slipping On Used Condoms Man Was Trying To Return To Wamart

A 94-year-old St. Louis, Missouri woman Ingrid Wallace, is now in critical condition at a local hospital after what authorities call a “shocking and unfortunate event.” According to investigators, Ingrid was at the Missouri Walmart’s customer service counter exchanging a quilt she had purchased the other day. Walter Mathis was also at the customer service desk apparently “trying to exchange used condoms” he had purchased the night before.

According to employee Patty Williams who was assisting Mathis, she is still extremely distraught and shaken over the exchange. “This guy approached my register with a glazed look in his eyes. At first look, I was frightened,” explained Williams to Now 8 News. “He looked pretty rugged and confused. He slams a box of condoms on the counter and half of the cardboard box was soaked and soggy. He then pulls out these gross wet condoms and starts throwing them in the air yelling ‘These Magnums are too small. They cutting off my d*ck circulation! I want my money back!’ A drop of jizz hit me in the eye. Then the elderly lady next to him turned around to leave and that’s when she stepped on the gooiest one, slipped and hit her head.”

Williams said that Walmart security quickly restrained Mathis until police arrived. “We ran over and grabbed the crazed man,” said Walmart security guard Robert Henry. “He grabbed one of the used condoms and slammed it onto the side of my face. We had to tackle him down to the ground. It was the most disgusting thing that has ever happened to me. I stayed in the shower when I got home for nearly 2 hours trying to wash it off. I feel so violated.”

Ingrid Wallace, the elderly woman involved in the incident, remains in critical condition. Thanks to the quick response of the medical emergency team and her Life Alert bracelet, the fragile woman is being kept alive by hospital staff. According to her family, Wallace has suffered brain hemorrhaging due to the fall. Walter Mathis, and eighth grade math teacher for the St. Louis Public School District, is facing charges of disorderly and lewd conduct, assault and resisting arrest. He is being held on a $7000 bond. The St. Louis Public school District released a statement that Mathis is currently on paid administrative leave during the investigation.