Woman Hospitalized After Boyfriend Puts A Funnel Full Of Pop Rocks In Her Vagina

A 28-year-old California woman was hospitalized over the weekend after she decided to go to great lengths to fulfill her partners fantasy. Kassie Milton was admitted to the emergency room after she began feeling a “burning and itching” sensation in her genitals. The reason why left the emergency room staff in shock.

 “The rocks are supposed to have added to our pleasure, so I made my boyfriend put them in me with a funnel,” Milton told the emergency room doctor. “When I bought these candy rocks I was told they were supposed to explode and tingle and give me a feel good sensation during our intimacy. They lied to me! The people at the toy store lied to me!” According to the emergency room nurse, Milton had to get flushed out with water and peroxide and must continue this regimen for the next 10 days. Unfortunately, between the pop rocks and peroxide she can expect a foamy discharge for the first five days.

“When sugar such as whipped cream, syrups, and candy during sex touch the vagina, it typically upsets your pH level,” said Dr. William Harvey. “This can also cause further irritation with existing vaginal yeast infections. She definitely had a yeast infection. I don’t recommend anyone ever trying to this, no matter how much your partner begs. It’s a recipe for disaster. Just because it fits in your vagina, doesn’t mean it belongs there.”