Woman Kills Boyfriend for Being a “One Minute Man” In Bed

On Friday, A Cincinnati Woman Was Arrested When She Admitted She Murdered Her Live-In Boyfriend. Chandra Foley, 39, said she had been with her boyfriend Michael Sorin, 19, for the last six months but things had been a bit “rocky” in the bedroom. According to the police report released by the Cincinnati Police Department: Sorin was found with multiple stab wounds laying in the bed that he shared with Foley after she called 911 reporting that she thought her boyfriend was dead. Within the 911 call, she had admitted to stabbing her boyfriend 13 times in the torso.

In a confession to police, Foley said she had been experiencing some “dissatisfaction” in the bedroom and had given him chance after chance but he could not comply with her requests. “I told him to break me off, show me what he got cause I don’t want no one minute man,” said Foley. “But every time, without fail, he was done in one minute. I need more than that from a man who I’m gonna to be intimate with. I guess that’s what happens when you get with a younger dude. But that sh*t ain’t for me.”

Foley was arrested on charges of aggravated assault and murder in the first degree. She is currently being held in the Cincinnati County jail on no bond. Sorin’s family says they are devastated and want justice for him. “If she didn’t want a one minute man why was she with a 19-year-old?” said Sorin’s mom. “If she wanted an experienced man she should’ve got one her own age. Now my family has to suffer with grief.”