82 Year Old Man Eaten By Pigeons On Alabama Park Bench

News 8 –  An 82-year-old man was found dead this morning after a horde pigeons allegedly ate his remains. According to investigators, Bobby Jonas, a resident at Wesley Manor Retirement Center, was known for feeding pigeons every day for the past couple years at a park next to the residency. Only this time, Jonas underwent surgery to his left knee this week; leaving him in recovery for a few days, unable to feed them, something that might have “triggered the attack,” experts claim.

People at the park call the police when they noticed approximately 50 pigeons feeding on a man’s body that was sitting on a bench. That man was Bobby Jonas.

 “We currently don’t know if the victim died from heart failure or if the pigeons attacked him while he was still alive,” explains Ofc. Bronson from the Dothan Police Department. “But for now, all evidence shows he was still alive when the pigeons were feeding on his flesh, a real nightmare,” he says.

It’s the first time an incident of this nature was reported in the state of Alabama, but similar cases have been reported in Vermont and New York. When a 40 people are said to die each year in North America, victims of pigeons and squirrel attacks.