9 Year Old Murders Parents After They Turn Off WIFI For Punishment

A 9 year-old boy has been taken into custody by the Fairfax County, Virginia Police Department after he shot his parents to death over their decision to turn off the Internet for punishment. According to reports, the juvenile had been caught abusing a litter of kittens he found in the bushes near his house. Eyewitnesses say he put them in a trash bag and was slamming it against the tree. Neighbors immediately notified his parents who quickly took action.

According to the boy’s confession, his parents grounded him by turning off the Internet so he could not play his online games or communicate through apps on his tablet. This infuriated the child who proceeded to destroy the house by ripping pictures off the wall and turning over tables. His sibling, who was in the house at the time and unharmed, said his older brother finally calm down and became silent in his room. Approximately one hour later the 9 year-old entered the living room where the parents were watching TV and pulled out his father’s 9 mm handgun.

The child shot his mother in the head, killing her instantly and fired the remaining bullets at his father killing him as well. The names of the parents have not yet been released. The child has been taken into custody under mental evaluation.