Elementary School Student Expelled For Pimping Female Classmates For “$3 Kisses And $2 Hugs”

News 8 – A startling report coming out of Elk City, Oklahoma has this small town shaken to its core. An 8-year-old elementary school student has been expelled for doing the unthinkable. The male student, who remains anonymous due to his age, was said to be running “quite a business” during his school day hours.

Authorities say the young man comes from a family with many financial troubles. His parents, who were reportedly on welfare, were about to get evicted from their trailer. With his family’s future in mind, the young boy managed to convince 8 of his female classmates to kiss and hug boys for money. “He was running this business of exploiting his young female classmates for nearly 3 months before getting caught,” the principal told KTNV. “We became suspicious that something was going on, when lunch attendance began to dwindle. We have had 27 boys and 5 girls come forward admitting they were paying this “wanna be pimp” $3 for a 10 second make out session and $2 for a 15 second hug which included unnecessary groping. The 8 female children he recruited, never got a red cent.”

Authorities estimate that the young man made out with nearly $500 in three months, with many of the other children being “repeat customers.” The young man claims he turned most of the money over to his parents and was able to help them save the trailer. Authorities have questioned the parents, but they adamantly deny any involvement in their son’s actions.

However, police were not so convinced. “How do you take money from your son, who is in 3rd grade, who you know has no job,” Said Lieut. Jackson of the Elk City Sheriff’s Department. “I mean, if my son came to me with all that money, I would be asking questions.”

The Sheriff’s Department is seeking to press charges on the young man’s parents. Those charges include 32 counts of solicitation of a minor, child endangerment and child neglect. However, their court date has been postponed until March 2016 while they further investigate the matter.

The couple was released on $500 bail and their son remains in their custody.

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