Alt-Right Activists Demand US Flag Be Replaced by the Confederate Flag

As Americans attempt to make the confederate flag a ‘Hate Crime’, other Americans are pushing for it to replace our current stars and stripes.

Supporters of the Confederate battle flag argue that their support is driven by pride in the South, not negative racial attitudes. A symbol of a Southern heritage predicated on heroism and sacrifice.

White Nationalists demand replacement of US flag

“This is what America was built on and we are not giving up!” said Bill Buckley, White Nationalist leader for the Alabama division. “This flag represents our white pride, our ability to build a country, organize a people while being supreme leaders. No other race has accomplished what we have because we are intelligently superior.”

“For example, we were able to conquer this country because of our strength and perseverance. Because of us, you have the structures that allow you to live with modern amenities, roadways and educational system for your children. We did this, and our American Confederate flag is a representation of the growth we created. We will fight to have it become the modern symbol of America.”

Opposers on the other hand Strongly disagree. To black Americans, these flags send a clear, painful, and frightening message: You don’t belong here. By being here, you are in danger. This nation is not for you.  It was no coincidence that those who opposed the civil rights movement for desegregation and integration across America began to resurrect the use of the flag in the 1950s and 1960s.

Buckley and his fellow White Nationalist plan to plead their case to lawmakers this month as racial tension grow.

“We have more lawmakers on our side than you can imagine. Just wait and see. We will win this battle of freedom and fly our flag on top of the White House once again.”