Insider: Burger King’s “White Meat” Chicken Nuggets Are Made Of Inverted Boneless Pork Rectums

Have you ever wondered what makes those Burger King “white meat” chicken nuggets so delicious with such a unique taste? And have you ever noticed that in their commercials they call it “White Meat” and not “Boneless Chicken Breast?” You can thank inverted boneless pork rectums for that. (I didn’t know there was a ‘bone in’ option).


A Burger King insider says the fast food giant is the number one user of the pork rectums in their products. It has long been rumored that fast food chicken nuggets were anything but chicken, but now the rumor has been confirmed. This photo was taken at a Burger King production warehouse and has been circulating around the Internet. Of course, Burger King refuses to comment on these findings.

No chicken nugget production company has ever denied that chicken nuggets are made from trimmings of left over poultry, but that is not entirely the complete truth. The trimmings are ground the same way as hamburger meat, but the ingredients are far more repulsive. The ingredients consist of more stomach churning leftovers such as chicken skin, chicken and cow eyeballs, pork  fat and skin, and of course the inverted boneless pork rectum.

Once they are ground down to a fine mush which resembles ice cream, the salt, starch, flavorings and corn syrup are then added. Then, the mushy goo is shaped into nugget patties, baked, then delivered to your local Burger King. So the next time you are craving that tasty chicken nugget, remember that you are really eating the parts of animals that are too disgusting to package and label for sale.