Takis Recall: Scientists Find Large Amounts Of Gasoline In Chips Causing Them To Light On Fire

We’ve all seen those viral videos of kids lighting Takis on fire, as if they were cigarettes. Teens show us in the videos that they can treat these chips like cigarettes, inhaling smoke and blowing it out. They actually catch on fire! Child advocacy groups have been pushing for years to have Takis researched by scientists for more accurate ingredients. Finally, they have their way.

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University, have sent out an alert warning consumers that those spicy Takis chips that everyone loves contains high amounts of gasoline. According to their research, the gasoline administered into the spicy snack gives it’s taste a little “kick.” All ingredients researched during this investigation, were unnatural flavorings not recommended for human consumption.

Dr. Matthews, an emergency room doctor at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, has been warning parents for years not to allow their children to eat these chips. “These chips have been proven to be extremely harsh on the throat, stomach and mouth. The chemicals and seasonings in the chips cause corrosion in the stomach and the throat,” said Dr. Matthews. “I have seen an increase in stomach ulcers in children who have been eating these chips.”

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has demanded an immediate recall of all Takis chips and the closure of the Takis manufacturing facilities. The video below shows just a few of the videos that sparked this nationwide investigation. Please, do not let your children eat these poisonous snacks.