Man Arrested For Trying To Smuggle 4 Pounds Of Weed In His Anus Through Seattle Airport

Seattle, Washington –  With the increased terror concerns, security at all U.S. airport has been extremely tight. U.S. Air travelers poured out liquids, open their bags for inspection and endured long waits on Monday as airports heightened security. But one airline passenger must have missed the news report that passengers were going to be inspected thoroughly, when the TSA noticed a man “sweating profusely and acting very strange.”

Jethro Stevens, 56, was headed through security at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport when he was pulled aside to be scanned. TSA employees said the man looked extremely nervous, shaking and stood there with his hands in his pockets refusing to move. Agents asked him several times to move into the millimeter-wave scanner, but Stevens refused. It was at that point Stevens was approached by security, but he took off – well, he tried to anyway.

 “I grabbed his arm, and that’s when he pulled away from me and ran into the other direction,” said Robert Hughes, TSA agent at the airport. “But, he was running with his legs apart, then fell and smacked his face in the ground. We jumped on top of him and cuffed him. But he began crying and yelling ‘my stomach hurts get off of me.’ He ripped a huge fart in it smelled like chronic. We knew we had a smuggler on our hands.”

Stevens was escorted out of the airport and transported to a nearby hospital for medical attention. Emergency medical personnel said Stevens admitted to them that he had purchased 4 pounds of weed at several recreational marijuana stores and shoved them into his anus to take home with him. X-rays later confirmed his story.

Stevens underwent two hours of extremely “invasive” surgery to remove the marijuana from his colon. He is currently recovering at University of Washington Medical Center and will be booked into jail on felony charges when his release from the hospital. Moving recreational marijuana across state lines constitutes a federal crime. This is the case even if your medical marijuana patient card is honored in the next state over, and even if you are moving between jurisdictions that have legalized recreational marijuana. Keep an consume your cannabis in the state where you purchased it, or run the risk of federal criminal charges for transporting a controlled substance.