Man Sues Nightclub For Ugly Baby, Alleging Dim Lights Caused Him To ‘Hook Up’ With Unattractive Woman

A Georgia man is suing an Atlanta nightclub after he alleged that their dim lights and $20 open bar caused him to “hook up” and impregnate an extremely unattractive woman. George Acosta, 24, says he is now subject to child support and raising an “ugly baby” as a result of the nightclub’s negligence. Court records also show that Acosta his filing an additional pain and suffering lawsuit stating that he has nightmares of the woman’s face that he impregnated.

“A $20 open bar with dim lighting is the most irresponsible thing a nightclub can do,” said Brian Phillips, attorney for Acosta. “My client had relations with the woman in the nightclub bathroom causing the unwanted pregnancy, which was also a failure of nightclub security. It wasn’t until ‘last call’ that the club turned on their lights and my client saw the devastating effects the alcohol had on him, which the nightclub provided.”

Acosta’s lawsuit is claiming that the nightclub, Aura in Atlanta, Georgia, is liable for $1.5 million in damages. Acosta is also asking the mother of the child to accept a termination of parental rights which would also waive his responsibility for child support. “I never asked for this to happen,” said Acosta. “If you think this woman is ugly, you should see her kid. I mean, I can’t take that kid out in public. I just want this to be over with. Look at this Facebook profile picture. Nobody in their right mind, in the right lighting, would’ve hooked up with her.”

The mother of the child was not available for comment.