Man Tries To Turn Himself In For Reward Money, Gets Arrested

Detroit, Mi –  A string of robberies in the Detroit, Michigan area had residence on high alert, that is until 58-year-old Terrence Robinson turned himself in. W Warren Ave and McKinley Street in Detroit are no strangers to crime, but in the months of October and November there were several burglaries that had one thing in common –  a tall can of Old English Malt Liquor was left behind at the scene. They knew they had a serial robber on their hands.

Several alerts went out from Crimestopper asking residents to stay alert and to call the phone number listed if they had any information leading to the capture of the thief. With a $5000 reward on the line, they received several calls from residents in the area. But it was one specific call that got the authorities attention.

On December 22, Crimestopper information line received a tip from a man stating that he knew who the man was that was robbing homes in the neighborhood. According to police, the man insisted that he received something in writing guaranteeing him the $5000 reward. The Crimestopper team obliged and emailed the man the agreement. That’s when Robinson called the Crimestopper number once again to reveal the location of the criminal. When police arrived, Robinson opened the door with a huge smile expecting to receive his check but instead, he was handcuffed by police.

“Terrence Robinson look shocked and confused when we cuffed him,” said police Lieut. Jamieson Caldwell. “As soon as we got him he said, ‘So do I still get the reward money or what?’ I told him no and he threatened to sue me because he said he has the agreement in writing. What a nut!”

Robinson was taken to the county jail and booked on charges of petty larceny, breaking and entering and several other charges. Robinson tested positive for crack cocaine and opiates. During the interrogation, Robinson told authorities he would not speak until his attorney arrived. Five minutes later, he introduced himself, Terrence Robinson, as his attorney to the police. He notified the police that he will be representing himself in a lawsuit against the department for his $5000 reward money. His court date is scheduled for January 28.

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