Yellowstone Park Opens Marijuana Friendly Smoking Area Called “Ya’ll Stoned Park”

The Marijuana Freedom Act has finally reached the Northwest area of the United States! But, it’s probably not in a location that you would expect it to be. Yellowstone National Park has opened its doors to recreational marijuana users by designating several areas around their 3,468 square-mile park.

  Simply called “Ya’ll Stoned Park.”

Thousands of pro-marijuana users have been flocking to the area to be some of the first to enter the gates of this historical section of the park. Park rangers say they have had no incidents or arrests and that everyone is friendly, cooperative and just there to have a good time.

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of some good chronic. That’s what America is all about,” said Paulie Rife as he hit his 5ft bong. “God made it, finally we get to smoke it in nature without hiding! SWEET!”

There are 8 marijuana friendly smoking areas throughout the park. Just ask for a map – It will lead you to the closest “Ya’ll Stoned Park” location!