MILK RECALL – Over 2.5 Million Tainted Gallons Of Milk Contaminated With Melamine

News 8 – A devastating report coming out of the Midwest United States this morning announces a recall of over 2.5 million gallons of milk that tested positive for Melamine. Melamine is an industrial chemical used in fertilizers and plastics. It has left at least 34 adults dead and has sickened hundreds and thousands more.

Hollyland Farm, the world’s largest dairy farm which produces nearly 300,000 gallons of milk every day, says that 85% of their milk has tested positive for Melamine. This chemical has many industrial uses and is approved in the United States for the use in manufacturing of cooking utensils, plates, plastic products, paperboard, and industrial coatings. Hollyland Farms has not commented on how the chemical was able to get into the milk and cause the contamination.


Signs of Melamine poisoning include irritability, blood in urine, little or no urine, signs of kidney infection, kidney stones and high blood pressure which can lead to death.

Due to the massive amount of tainted milk that has already been sold in stores, the recall asks you simply dispose of any milk that has been purchased between August 15, 2015 and September 2, 2015. Economists say this is the most massive milk recall in US history and will more than likely raise milk prices to nearly 5 dollars a gallon through the remainder of the year.