Woman Robs White Castle With Handful Of Bloody Tampons

Las Vegas, Nevada – Police arrested a Nevada woman today for robbing a local White Castle with a handful of used tampons.

Overnight employees at a White Castle in Las Vegas got quite the surprise when a woman reached into the drive-thru window, took the cash register and drove off. Maria Velasquez, one of the employees working the overnight shift, witnessed the entire incident.

According to Velasquez, a robbery was the last thing she expected to happened during her shift, given the fact that it was her first week on the job. “I can’t believe that this happened. I moved from Mexico to get a better life and this happened. I was like, ‘Does this kind of stuff happen in America? Come on, this is suppose to be the greatest place on Earth to live’” said Velasquez.

The midnight shift started off as any other, according to one of the more tenured workers at the fast food chain.

“Next thing you know, one of my co-workers screamed ‘She’s got a got box of bloody tampons and she’s trying to rob us!’ and at first we all thought she was joking, but the next thing that happened, you see a bunch of tampons flying through the drive-thru window, smacking people in the face as they ran towards to the back,” said Velasquez.

The suspect threatened employees with a box of bloody tampons, demanding the cash in the register. When the drive-thru worker refused, the woman violently threw handfuls of used, bloody tampons at the employee and then reached into the window and grabbed the cash drawer from the register.

“She took the actual (lower part of the) register – like the whole thing, ay dios,” said Velasquez.

According to authorities, the suspect was identified as Evelyn Smith, a caucasian woman in her 30’s. She was driving a dark blue 2008 Kia Sedona with New Mexico plates. Police said the suspect left behind several tampons – scattered on the ground near the drive-thru window – soaked in blood – when she took the register.