Woman Rushed to Emergency Room ‘Births’ Pile of Decomposing Worms

A 22-year-old Memphis, Tennessee woman was admitted to the emergency room on Tuesday with what she described as “labor pains.” The hopeful, soon-to-be mom, Trina Thomas, admitted that she had never seen a doctor for prenatal care and wanted a natural delivery at home. But Thomas said that it was too much for her, describing the pain as if she was being sliced open from the inside.

Thomas was rushed to the emergency room by her boyfriend, who said he questioned the entire pregnancy anyway since he was serving out of the country in the military. “I knew the dates just didn’t add up,” said Ryan Mills. “But she insisted that I was the father so I went with it. I love her that much.”

What the emergency room doctors found during Thomas’ “delivery” left them deeply disturbed. During an emergency C-section, the doctor removed 10 pounds of decomposing worms from her stomach. “We’re not sure at this point where these worms developed from,” said Dr. Marvin Harris. “We found 10 pounds worth of decomposing worms in Ms. Thomas’ intestines. It must’ve been something she ate. Possibly tainted pork.”

Thomas was released from the hospital after two days of observation. They are still in the process of trying to track down what caused the worm infestation in her intestines.