4,500 Pound Crocodile Found Roaming The Streets Of New Orleans

News 8 – Residents in one quiet New Orleans neighborhood said they were running from their lives on Tuesday when a 4,500 pound crocodile was found walking around in their neighborhood. Janice Wright, a forty-year resident of Jefferson Parish, said this 21 foot crocodile is nearly missed her grandson as he was running away from the beast.

 “My grandson was playing basketball out front, when he said the ball got away from them and he went chasing toward it,” said Wright. “That’s when he saw this giant crocodile eat his basketball then it lunged toward my grandson. All I heard was screaming and yelling! It almost killed my grandbaby!”

Scientists who receive the alligator after its capture say the animal is around 80 years old. They also say that he was looking to eat humans because he was too slow and old to catch animals. The crocodile was tranquilized and captured by Army personnel Tuesday afternoon and the animal is being held by local scientists for further evaluation.