Caitlyn Jenner Discusses Her Desire To Transition Into A Black Woman

Caitlyn Jenner or “CJ” as he refers to herself now during her “African-American” transition, discusses her desire to take her look to the next level. CJ told Good Morning America on Monday that she has a deep desire to search out her African-American roots. After hearing stories from a great uncle on his mother’s side who told her that their family has African-American ancestry, CJ began her search.

She contacted a DNA ethnic testing company and the results were shocking! “When I received the results, I was amazed. My uncle was right!” CJ told good morning America. “The results show that I am part of the Kalenjin tribe from the Western Highlands of Kenya. They are also known for their great athletics. I guess that’s where I got my athleticism from.”

CJ went on to say that she is studying the Kalenjin tribe and has a trip scheduled for after the first of next year to visit the area. “I want to learn more, I want to immerse myself in the experience,” she said. “By the time I get back, you will see the difference. I’m perming my hair and keeping this tan, although I feel it’s a bit too bronze for me. I’m really looking for a great cocoa shade.”

CJ went on to say that she is also considering some additional plastic surgery that includes bigger breast size, larger lips and a Brazilian butt lift.