Girl Infects 586 Men with HIV on Purpose, Plans on Infecting 2,000 More Before 2018

Social networks have been buzzing over the past couple of days with the story of a female university student who, over a period of five months, infected 586 men with HIV in “revenge.” The student, whose name has been withheld, claims to have infected married men, lecturers, fellow students and celebrities. According to the report, her aim was to infect 2,000 men with the virus. Her vengeance was met with horror and much criticism over social media.

Her new goal is to infect at least 2,000 men stating, “I know I have nothing left to do on earth but wait for my death.” Surprisingly, she keeps a list of how many men she has slept with so far, and rewarded with HIV. According to her, she already infected 586 men and wanted to finish 2017 with the 2,000 mark.

She also pointed out that pregnancy is out of the question and will continue to perform unsafe sex since people in her area “love that kind of practice.” Among the 586 men she infected, 318 are students in the same college where she goes to school and the others are men from outside the area such as lecturers, married men, lawyers, some celebrities and three politicians.