Hispanic Woman Claims, “Donald Trump Paid Me For Sex In Cancun, This Is Our Love Child”

Very few details have been released at this time, but according to reports from CNN, a woman has come forward claiming she had birthed the child of President Donald Trump in 1977.

Esmeralda Gonzalez, 64, says she encountered Trump during a secret Cancun vacation in January 1977. She claims that Trump approached her with a request and $5000 if she would “have sex with him.”

 “Don’t believe everything you hear about this man,” said Gonzalez. “He told me he wanted to see if having sex with a woman in Mexico was any different than the women he was used to. Now, he has known he has had a son here in another country, but never accepted him. Now I want to come to the United States with my son.”

Donald Trump has not responded to the allegations that Gonzalez had birthed their ‘love child’ during a drunken encounter. However, Gonzalez said her son is willing to submit  to a DNA test anytime. Gonzalez also says when the DNA test comes back proving Trump is the father, they want citizen rights in the United States.

With Donald Trump’s view on illegal immigration, it will be interesting to see the decision he makes concerning his own son. See the video below of an interview with his alleged son. Do you see a resemblance?