McDonald’s Introduces the Bite Sized Big Mac – Coming July 1, 2017!

Are you ready Big Mac lovers?? A new way to eat the Mac is coming in July! According to McDonald’s spokesperson Brady Blitzer, this is the “hottest” new trend for on the run meals.

“We wanted a way to allow our customers to eat on the run,” said Blitzer. “The idea that you can just pop a Big Mac in your mouth while driving with no mess was something we had to introduce to the world. We are very excited for it’s unveiling!”

According to Blitzer McDonald’s will be offering 6 mini Big Mac sliders for only $2, but not before they give them away for FREE on July 1, 2017. They will be at every McDonald’s around the world on this day, so mark your calendar and be a part of this epic reveal! Tell your friends, but don’t share your sliders! Guaranteed you will want them all to yourself!