Authorities: Searching For Father Who Is Supplying This Toddler With Cigarettes

News 8 –  A video, which has been circulating around social media, shows a toddler with a cigarette in his mouth as the father lights it with his lighter. Authorities are frantically searching for this young boy as they have evidence, including the video, that the toddler is in grave danger.

Several videos like this have surfaced on the Internet over the years showing young children being given cigarettes and even marijuana by their parents. A nationwide study shows the number of children smoking has nearly tripled over the last five years. Researchers say this is largely due to the increase of parental involvement in supplying these substances to their children.

Nevertheless, authorities are asking citizens to please come forward if they know who this child is. Police say he is approximately 2 years old, with blonde hair and brown or hazel eyes. Authorities believe he may be a child who was part of a parental kidnapping last November, but have not released that information. They are asking to please share this video across the Internet to help locate this young child. They say the father’s action constitutes charges of neglect, abuse, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.