Hillary Clinton Comes Forward To Reveal She Was Born A Boy, “The Transition Was Difficult, But Worth It”

NEWS 8 –  On Monday morning Hillary Clinton made an announcement on CNN that has shocked the entire nation.  “On October 26, 1947 I was born in a Chicago hospital to Hugh and Dorothy Rodman. My father managed a successful small business in the textile industry and my mother was a stay-at-home mom,” Clinton said. “Many people already know these facts about me. But what most of you do not know is that I was born Hank Rodman, a beautiful baby boy. And at age 5 my parents, knowing I was different than the others, allowed me to transition into my true role – a beautiful, vibrant girl…. No, the transition was not easy. It was very difficult for all of us. But it was worth it.”

Clinton went on to say that she understands what it is like today for gays and transgender people to not be accepted by society. She says it is a shame that somebody would have to “hide who they truly are, underneath the shadow of social acceptance.” She went on to ask for the support of people who choose to live what society calls “alternative lifestyles.” And promises that she will give them the rights that are so long overdue. Clinton also went into detail about her daughter Chelsea’s conception via a surrogate mother and the difficulties they had with her birth.

Hillary Clinton says she has debated coming out with her true identity for years but felt it was time for her to come clean with her story as she strives to be the first woman president of the United States. “For eight years there’s been backlash and talk about Obama being half black and half white. I am hoping that the citizens of this country can accept I am 100% female. I am hoping there is no such debate about me being half male and half female. I am 100% woman and Bill will vouch for that,” Hillary said with a giggle.

What do you think about Hillary Clinton’s announcement today? Does that make you change your mind about her ability to run this country?

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