Man Cuts Off Thumbs Claiming They Were Causing Him To Type Homophobic Tweets

News8 –  A Mississippi man, 48-year-old Jared Willis, was hospitalized last month and put under a psychiatric hold after he severed his thumbs claiming they were causing him to type homophobic tweets. Willis claims that he would tweet up to 300 posts per day “gay bashing” the homosexual lifestyle.

All of the tweets were so extremely offensive, and included words such as ‘cum chugger, carpet muncher and sausage swallower.’ Willis said that the voices in his head would talk to his thumbs and make them move across his mobile keyboard, all without his consent. Every time he was able to fight through it and throw his phone on the ground, his hands would automatically pick it back up and the voices would force him to type again.

Doctors say that Willis admitted going into the kitchen and slicing off his thumbs with an electric meat carver, then called 911 with his index finger. Willis admitted to nurses that he is afraid his homophobic tweeting is not over. He is concerned that his mind will force him to use the “speech to text” app on his phone. If his mind is successful, he vows to cut out his tongue. Willis says he knows that homosexual people deserve to be just as happy as straight people, and does not want to spread hate messages any longer. Willis is currently under treatment at Brentwood Behavioral Health in Mississippi where he is under psychiatric evaluation.