Man Hospitalized After His Apple Airpods Exploded In His Ear

TUCSON, AZ – An Arizona man is being hospitalized after his brand new Apple AirPod earphones allegedly exploded in his ear.

Josiah Johnson, 21, is being hospitalized with 2nd degree burns on his face after his Airpods exploded. According to Josiah, who admitted to have been watching pornography when his Airpods exploded, also has 1st degree burns on his penis and tesitcles. “I ain’t buy my 3 year old son any presents this year because i bought the airpods instead, and now this, couldn’t even get my nut on” said Josiah as he was laying in his hospital bed.

Josiah also later admitted to almost always having his Airpods in his ear, other than the times where he was charging them. He would even sleep with them, and wear them even when not listening to music. “Airpod owners are obsessed” says Candice James, a therapist, “Airpod owners feel like Thanos, it’s ridiculous”.

As Josiah is recovering, Technology experts warn Airpod owners to not use them much, as a matter of fact, they advise owners to just throw them out. “Just throw them out”, said tech expert Lee Xiu, “You’ll be a better person, Airpod owners are annoying”. Will you throw out your Airpods? Let us know in the comment section below.