Woman Arrested For Twerking On Elderly Man’s Casket At Funeral Causing It To Fall Over

News 8 Atlanta – It was a grim ending to an already emotional day for the family of 87 year old Henry Williams, who was being laid to rest at Atlanta’s Meadow Valley Funeral home over the weekend. The Georgia family was saying goodbye to their dearly departed as the pallbearers  carried the casket to the hearse. It was at that moment that their day of mourning was forever destroyed by an uninvited woman, 24-year-old Leshaniqua Walker who claims she had a relationship with the deceased.

One of the pallbearers recalls the tragic incident. “We were carrying the casket out of the funeral home to the hearse when all of a sudden this black girl in booty shorts and high heels ran over and jumped in between the hearse in the casket,” said Ron Williams, the son of the deceased man. “She squatted down, put her hands on her knees and her backside was bouncing up and down. She started bouncing on the casket crying ‘This is for you daddy, just how you like it.’ Two of my brothers who were holding the casket upfront tried to push her off and that’s when it slipped out of their hands.”

According to the family, when the casket hit the ground Henry Williams fell out onto the pavement. That’s when Leshaniqua Walker jumped on top of Williams dead body, with one leg on each side, and began twerking to ‘Don’t Drop That Thun Thun’ by Finatticz that was playing on her cell phone. The family was able to quickly restrain her and pulled her off the old man. Police arrived within minutes taking Walker into custody. According to the police report, Walker stated that her and the deceased elderly man were in a secret relationship for two years. Walker said Williams nicknamed her brown sugar and paid her to twerk on him every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday night in a private room at the nursing home.

However, the family of Henry Williams refuses to believe her story even though police have confirmed that Walker had visited the nursing home numerous times over the last two years. Henry’s son Ron says they pride themselves on having a strictly white family and any type of interracial relationships were prohibited. “I think this was just some random crazy lady who wanted attention,” said Ron. “She was probably on drugs.”

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