White Woman Claims She Was Abducted And Impregnated By A “Dark Skinned Race Of Aliens”

NEWS 8 –  We’ve all heard of the “Grey Aliens,” “Reptilians” and “Little Green Men” that secretly roam our world. But 28-year-old Brittney Rheindale says she has discovered a new race of aliens, and they abducted her in her sleep. Rheindale claims on the evening of February 12, 2015 she was asleep in bed while her husband worked the graveyard shift. When all of a sudden, she was awaked by a bright light shining through her window and was then surrounded by four “Dark Skinned Aliens.”

 “I remember being grabbed by these creatures, then immediately teleported to their ship,” said Rheindale, with tears in her eyes. “They did some awful things with me. They made me have sex with them. They made me do things I’ve never even done with my husband. Then, within a flash, I was back in my bed – all alone. It haunts my dreams.”

Rheindale says by the middle of March she had all the signs of being pregnant. She went to the store to purchase a test, which was confirmed as positive. By then she had put the horrifying incident behind her, and looked forward to having her first child with her husband Todd. That was, until she gave birth to a black baby on November 5, 2015.

 “Todd was pissed, and I was shocked. The baby didn’t even look mixed, he was black as night,” Rheindale said. “That’s when I remembered that horrible abduction in February. That’s when I told Todd what happened. Now, together, we are working with paranormal investigators to find out where this race of aliens comes from. I thank God for Todd, he has stayed by my side this entire time.”

Todd says he’s been asked by several people how he can believe such an insane story. Many accuse Todd’s wife, Brittany, of cheating on him with an African-American male. They both say they understand that there will be nonbelievers out there, and that they can only do their best to move forward to find out where their child’s biological ancestors come from. They say they will continue to ignore the naysayers and focus on the future of their family.